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What is TOCA?

What is TOCA?

Level Up Soccer offers top-of-the-line TOCA Touch Trainers. These training machines are perfect for players of all skill and experience levels, and will precisely deliver balls at specified speeds, locations, and trajectories for an accelerated training experience all through your smartphone, or tablet. Think batting cages, but 21st century! TOCA trainers are able to deliver a game’s worth of quality touches in a matter of minutes and will dramatically improve competence and confidence on the ball. The TOCA Curriculum is designed by top-level professional coaches and players to create game-like situations through hundreds of exercises with precise and repetitive deliveries that focus on strengthening core playing skills. The TOCA Training model identifies strengths and weaknesses by using innovative technology after years of meticulous testing and research.

The Touch Trainer precisely delivers balls at specified speeds, locations, and trajectories for an accelerated training experience. It allows players at every level to practice their touches repetitively, improving their technique and elevating their game.






● Simplifies decision-making

● Builds control that is essential to playing away from pressure

● Advances coordination, balance and technique

● Develops ability to play with the head up



● Increases game-related touches

● Improves weak foot technique

● Develops control of flighted balls

● Creates muscle memory

● Minimizes time between touches



● Technical training should be done in a small space. Our TOCA Studios are typically 20-30 feet wide by 40-50 feet long indoors.

● Smaller space promotes cleaner and tighter touches

● Most efficient use of training time & no chasing balls

● Creates muscle memory

● The TOCA Touch Trainer controls each delivery, making for a consistent training experience each time

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